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Introducing our premium Hair Brush, a specialized tool expertly designed for maintaining and styling both synthetic and natural hair wigs. Featuring soft, flexible bristles, this brush minimizes damage and reduces static, ensuring the delicate fibers of your wig remain untangled and smooth. The ergonomic design includes a comfortable handle for easy grip and control, making styling a breeze.


Our Hair Brush comes with looped bristles to prevent snags and pulling, while others incorporate a mix of boar and nylon bristles for added shine and smoothness. This essential accessory helps prolong the life of your wig by preventing matting and frizz, keeping it looking natural and well-groomed.

Elevate your wig care routine with our Hair Brush, the perfect tool for maintaining a flawless, polished look every day.

Hair Brush

  • Purchasing from SilkhairbySasha LLC., ALL sales will be final.

    NO refunds on hair; ONLY EXCHANGES are available.

    Exchanges will ONLY be offered on unused products AFTER the product has been sent back to SilkhairbySasha LLC.

    Once the product has been returned and received, a new order of your choice will be placed and sent to you.


    Exchanges are only for issues, i.e. INCORRECT length, texture, shade, or style.

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