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Elevate your eyebrow game to new heights with our innovative eyebrow pencil and brush duo. Designed for effortless precision and stunning definition, our eyebrow pencil and brush are the ultimate tools for achieving perfectly sculpted brows.


Crafted with a fine, retractable tip, our eyebrow pencil allows you to create natural-looking hair-like strokes with ease. Whether you prefer a soft, feathered look or bold, defined arches, our pencil glides on smoothly to fill in sparse areas and perfectly shape your brows.


Complementing our eyebrow pencil is a high-quality spoolie brush, ideal for blending and grooming your brows for a polished finish. Use the brush to soften harsh lines, distribute product evenly, and tame unruly hairs, achieving a flawless, natural-looking result every time.


Available in a range of shades to suit every brow color and tone, our eyebrow pencil and brush duo is perfect for achieving your desired look, whether it's soft and subtle or bold and dramatic. 


Transform your brows from ordinary to extraordinary with our eyebrow pencil and brush duo, your go-to solution for achieving beautifully defined and perfectly groomed brows that steal the show.

Sasha's Beauty Eyebrow Pencil and Brush

Eyebrow Pencils
  • Purchasing from SilkhairbySasha LLC., ALL sales will be final.

    NO refunds on hair; ONLY EXCHANGES are available.

    Exchanges will ONLY be offered on unused products AFTER the product has been sent back to SilkhairbySasha LLC.

    Once the product has been returned and received, a new order of your choice will be placed and sent to you.


    Exchanges are only for issues, i.e. INCORRECT length, texture, shade, or style.

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